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At some point in our lives, many of us find ourselves lost. For some, it’s a feeling of emptiness, or lack of purpose. For others, it’s a deep loneliness, and an overwhelming sense of separation, and of not belonging, even in a crowd. Some of us have been struck down by loss, and struggle every waking moment with depression and grief that relentlessly presses down on us and won’t let up. All of these feelings are very real, and indeed are part of the very fabric of what we call Life. But many of us find that we cannot face the pain. At least not alone.

Often, we can turn to alcohol and drugs as a temporary escape. Others enter into different types of addictions such as bad relationships, sex, food, anger . . . the list goes on and on. And the deeper we delve into this false reality, the more lost we become. Because eventually we become completely convinced that we’re no good, that we’re not worth saving . . . no one could love us now. Not even God.

If you need a pillow for your sorrow
If you need a blanket for your soul
If you need a place your broken heart
Can be made whole . . .
He’ll be your strength to face tomorrow

And when the night seems dark and cold
Fall into the arms that won’t let go

from: "The Arms That Won't Let Go" by Robinson/Johnson/Denson

from the Al Denson CD With One Voice

and the new Jim Robinson CD, Healer of My Heart

If these words strike something in your heart, we would like to extend this invitation: Come home. The real truth is, each of us is worth loving, no matter where we’ve been before, or where we’re coming from now. We at ProdigalSong believe in the Biblical model that each of us is born into this world a broken vessel—an imperfect but perfectly loved child of God. But there is a grace-filled truth accompanying this inherent “flaw.” Because this longing within us—this deep craving, this emptiness of the spirit—is designed by our Father to draw us ever to Him. This “hole in our soul” into which we vainly throw booze and drugs and money and religion and perfectionism and everything else imaginable, can only be filled by Him. And when that happens, Life truly begins.

Like the prodigal son of scripture, most of us feel unworthy to come home. Bruised and broken by life’s road, we let our shame and self-loathing keep us from turning back toward the light. But the truth is, Someone waits for us. And once we find the courage to turn, He will run to greet us, arms open, ready to offer us the Feast of Living.

It doesn’t really matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done. You can come home. And sometimes all it takes is an outstretched hand, offering you rest, a warm place to lay your head....


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