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Not many years ago, alcohol and drugs had taken nearly everything from Jim Robinson. He had no job, no car and no home. He was a suicidal drunk and addict, and nearly died.

But in 1989, something wonderful happened. Today, ProdigalSong is an outreach ministry that tells a wonderful story of how one lost man, in one dark and desperate moment, turned to find that Christ Jesus had been there all along.

Utilizing his gifts as a professional counselor, speaker, author, and songwriter, Jim founded ProdigalSong Ministries in 2000. ProdigalSong has evolved into a vibrant mission that brings a testimony of hope and healing and provides professional resources that address the issues of addiction and recovery, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, mood disorders, family healing, and related life issues. With this outreach, the ProdigalSong team shares a message of what we call God's Healing for the Broken Spirit.

If you or anyone you love has been touched by the apparent hopelessness of these issues, Jim's story of new life, portrayed through musical performance, spoken testimony, and educational workshops, will truly be a blessing.



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