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Q: I’ve been diagnosed as having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). What now?

A: Thanks so much for reaching out. Often, when we're hurting, we isolate with the pain rather than trying to connect with others. But I want you to know that you're not alone.

This disease can totally disrupt neurochemistry, and cause all sorts of problems with our biophysical well being. OCD can certainly rule our lives if we don't get it under control. I recommend you make sure you trust on a deep level the physician in charge of your health. And make sure they understand depression, OCD...AND addiction. Whether you're currently using any substances or not, I believe there is sometimes a strong correlation between OCD, addiction and mood disorders such as bipolar disease. If you're "wired" like me in terms of brain chemistry, family history, and subsequent shame-based thinking, I think it's really critical that you find professionals who specialize in treating these complicated issues.

I know this thing is confusing for you, and I sure relate to the denial that kicks in when we're feeling "normal." It can really make us question our lives... and sometimes even our faith. But throughout scripture people have suffered, questioned God, and struggled with their faith. Many of them, in fact, were the very people God chose to lead. It is okay to feel as though He's not listening sometimes. The greatest names in scripture have done likewise. So, give yourself some grace, and know that your questions can never separate you from His love. He will always provide, in His time.

Try these resources:





And I'd also look into OCD support groups, and maybe even 12-step fellowships. They helped save my life.



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