From his battle with alcoholism and addiction, through the sometimes lonely journey of recovery, to rediscovering his own childlike faith, multi-platinum songwriter Jim Robinson (Restless Heart's "Mending Fences;" John Michael Montgomery's "Ain't Got Nothin' On Us;" Al Denson's "Be") uses a variety of music to explore the clumsy, all-too-human attempt to walk with Christ in today's world.  ProdigalSong is an album of contemporary Christian material featuring eleven revealing songs of fear and hope, addiction and recovery, and the artist's own spiritual journey.


This is the first CD, from which the name of the ministry was taken. When Jim was writing these songs, he had no idea they would ever become a CD. At the time, he was a staff writer at Warner Chappell Music, writing mainstream country songs, and he knew the publishers would not be interested in this kind of music. But, with the invaluable help of good friend, writer and producer Robert White Johnson, he forged ahead on faith, convinced there was some greater purpose.


These songs represent Jim’s initial reaction to God's new calling on his life, and show both a sense of naive wonder of Christ's love and a yearning to know the Giver of that love more intimately. Johnson's production is, as always, superb, and allows the songs to provide healing and inspiration.


Prodigal Song contains the inspirational hit "Every Voice," later a top-5 song for Al Denson; "Until The Light Goes Out," recorded by Denson and Jessica King, and crowd favorite "Daddy's Gotcha." In the liner notes of the CD, Jim writes: "We can think we know God, but it is through Jesus Christ that we finally surrender to His embrace, taste His tears, ache for His broken heart. It is by coming to the Cross that we touch God's face: Christ as God's breath and blood and body, Christ as the voice of the Father crying out to a world gone deaf. . ."