“As an artist, staying creatively ‘fresh’ means trying new things and taking new approaches,” says Jim Robinson of his latest music CD. On this project, he wanted to include some of the praise and worship songs he’s written that God has graciously allowed to become popular choral pieces throughout the world. He also wanted to introduce the marvelous musical talents of his wife, Teresa, by enticing her to sing the old hymns she loves so much.


Healer of My Heart takes a more acoustic, "organic" approach, allowing the songs to carry His power on the purity of their message. Jim says, “As I did this, I realized the lyrics to these songs were essentially love stories—messages of intimacy, of thanks, of wonder, of life and loss, fear and faith, and, most of all, relationship.” Jim believes that the love we are allowed to experience during this earthly life—with our wives and husbands, our children, our parents, our friends—is somehow woven together and given shape and meaning through the Love our eternal Father has for us.


This album, then, is a collection of love stories. Jim’s prayer is that God will inhabit these messages of love, hope, and grace, and give them the power to heal and inspire.