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ProdigalSong Ministries Event Planners will work closely with your Event Organizers to develop a list of equipment and materials necessary to provide you with a truly memorable event. Because of the uniqueness of each venue and the resources that you have access to, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of items that will be needed for the Event. ProdigalSong Ministries covenants with the Event Organizer to find the most cost effective means for providing our equipment needs. We are your guests and as such we want to make the event as effortless as possible for you. The following list is an example of the type of equipment and materials that we customarily will ask you to provide.

• Promotional Materials. Printed materials for workshops and seminars.

• Professional quality microphones. Wireless lapel microphones, wireless hand held microphones, freestanding microphone stands and boom microphone stands. Professional quality sheet music stands.

• A CD player and a backup CD player that is connected to the house sound system. A competent sound technician to manage the production of the event. Video recording equipment. Multi media equipment. Computer with Power Point capabilities.

• A Yamaha P-120 electric piano or an equivalent piano as a minimum. Additional musical instruments may be required based on the type concert that you anticipate. Jim Robinson will work directly with your Event Organizer regarding musical equipment.

• Tables and chairs with table cloths and skirts for the display and selling of ProdigalSong books and CD’s. Jim Robinson is always available for book and CD signing. A small table and chair is needed for Jim. Additionally we will need friendly energetic volunteers to help us at the sales tables.

• A dressing room or quiet location for the team. Bottled water, fresh fruit and snacks.

• For workshops and seminars we will work with your Event Organizer regarding equipment needs.

• Travel arrangements for our team including airfare, ground transportation, lodging and meals. Our Event Planners will work with you to find cost effective travel arrangements.


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